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Welcome to our past and SLHG's future, please bear with us as we transfer our paper documents to digital. We hope you will read and enjoy but whilst every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of our words and images we all know the truth can depend on your viewpoint.

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Thanks to Neil Langridge’s hard work we now a timeline with short histories for Stowupland’s Holy...

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The above photo is from 1964 when Father Christmas visited local Children. Most years Stowmarket holds...

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Work and Commerce –including the post, pubs, shops, crafts, trades, malting, milling, farm practices and other services.

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Our Homes whether Manor, Hall, Farm, House or bungalow
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Our Public Spaces where we prayed, played and learned.
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The Place: the geography and politics of The Uplands of Stow and her surroundings
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The people in our collections and their stories
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 Our history is strongly linked with  our surrounding villages and  Stowmarket. Our boundaries have changed by political and ecclesiastical dictates. Our Uplands and the river valley were once known as Thornei. The River Gipping became our western boundary and in recent times more of her historic lands have become part of Stowmarket. We asked ourselves where to draw the line of our historical interest?

We are indebted to local residents, both past and present, for their contributions to our archives  through which we have learnt much  of our past from before Domesday to our recent past. 

Material from our website is to be used solely for the purposes of personal research and may not be reproduced as part of any ‘for profit’ enterprise unless specific permission has been asked and received. If sharing please cite ‘Stowupland Local History Group’ as your source. It is the reader’s responsibility  to verify factual details but please let us know of any errors you come across.