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Footpath in the winter

Latest Update 15

Wishing everyone a happy, peaceful and successful New year and welcome to 2024. There is no newsletter attached to this Update as both Telstar and your Local History Group hibernate in January. However  we have been uploading more information about Columbine Hall (Thorney Columbers).

Stowupland Village signThis is also the time of year when as Stowupland Local Recorder I prepare my report on 2023 for SLHC. This is just a brief overview of things that have happened in Stowupland that have come to my attention that future historians might find of interest.

2023 ended quite wet for us here in Stowupland. Across the village we had many sections of flooded roads. Many people blamed the effect of all the house building disrupting drainage, but there was also a lot of run off from the fields which resulted in the drainage ditches overflowing. In places  it was exceedingly difficult to see where the grass verge separating the road from the ditch was.  One resident who has lived in Saxham Street for 80 years said he has never known the Driftway Corner to be under so much water.

As I write this our dogs are barking dementedly as the farmer is digging along the field boundary  to enlarge the drainage ditch behind our fence!

flooded road
Near Water Run Farm
flooded road with car
Flooding in Saxham Street