Bills, Bille or Byl

Some fields associated with Grange Farm, Saxham Street have the name Bills. This page is aimed at attempting to trace the origins of the names. Mainly based on the research done by Ena Carter

1327 Subsidy – Robert Bille in Bacton

1420 Robert Byl exor. to will of John Vour, chaplain of the chapel of St.Mary of the church of St Peter of Stowmarket (Stowupland did not get its own church till the mid 19th century).

1453 Will dated April 2nd, proved 18th April ” John Complyon als Wright of Stowmarket leaves to Rich my son, junior, a house with pasture land in Thornye called Byllys which I bought of a Christian Swalwe & my close called Stubbyng in Thornye which I lately bought of Wm Hervy with 4 ac of land, bought of Wm Lyng, next to the land called Byll

1468 from the will of Simon Kyy of Stowmarket

– a shop, late John BYLLS to be sold (to son John all land & tenements in Saxton).

1616, October 18th “of Nicholas Garnham for his free lands called BULLS & SUGGES with a tenan lying in Gyppinge (4s & 1d)” from Fragments of Genealgia Vol IX, F.A Crisp pub 1903. (

Ena added that ‘at this time the above lands were in the manor of Gipping’.)

1657, 29th May. Kebles to Geo Codd – this deed conveys the estate called Bills to Geo Codd, the father of Thos. Codd who divises it to the said Thomas Codd & the said Thomas mortgages to Mr.Gibson.

Ena notes – Bills 6 ac, plus a double tenement (later known as Grange farm Cottage – 153 tm).

A reference to Bills in Thorney Keebles (Eastern Stowupland) to Bridgett Cocksedge from Thos. Codd and Sarah.

-later Christina Green (nee Cocksedge)

-earlier Geo. Codd who died in 1715 (and buried in Mendlesham).

1735 Bills occupied by T.Codd, land between Bradfield Way in the S & land late of John Swift in part  land formerly of Nickolas Turner. late of Robert Ridnall in part on the N. One head abutting upon a common way called Saxton Street (in 1657 Saxon street) to the West. The other heads upon the land formerly of George Reeve called Bradfield in part & the aforesaid John Swift to the East.

On this section of the 1840 tithe map Saxham Street is seeing on the left running up the page, to the east (right) are First Bills (152) and Further Bills (223)with Drift Field (224) abutting on to the Drift Way or Lane (225).

1840 map
1840 map showing the location of fields named Further Bills, First Bills and Saxham Street