Latest News 16

On March 3rd 1956, Stowupland's newly built village hall was officially opened. Over the years it has had many extensions added around the edges as it has been adapted to the changing needs of our village. Since our Update 15 we have been adding more from our archives, especially focusing on 2 areas at either end of our village,  Mill Street and Saxham Street. Mill Street lies to the SW…

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Footpath in the winter

Latest Update 15

Wishing everyone a happy, peaceful and successful New year and welcome to 2024. There is no newsletter attached to this Update as both Telstar and your Local History Group hibernate in January. However  we have been uploading more information about Columbine Hall (Thorney Columbers).This is also the time of year when as Stowupland Local Recorder I prepare my report on 2023 for SLHC. This is just a brief overview of…

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Latest Update 14

From everyone at Stowupland Local History Group we wish our readers a Happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year. Unfortunately we can't share much about the people enjoying this event, presumably a Christmas party, possibly in the 1950s?  Its not in Stowupland Village Hall or the Primary School hall so either the Parish (Iron) Rooms or the BB Hut. If anyone can help with information we would love to hear…

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