Green Farm (tm 492)

Image of Green farm
1999 photot of Green Farm

In 1999 Stowupland WI focused their Millennium Challenge Survey on land owned by Green Farm.

Writing about the Farmhouse  they wrote ‘ it was built in the 1500s, and is now a listed building…The west-wing was originally the working area, with the diary and back kitchen, where butter and cheeses were made, beer brewed and pigs butchered. The resultant hams would be smoked up the chimney. all this has now been incorporated into a spacious modern kitchen.’

Writing about the Farm they wrote, ‘The Carter family has long time connections with Stowupland. An ancestor, farming at Monewden, is recorded as moving to the village in the 1700s .In those days very few farmers owned their land, instead were tenants. This applied to the Carters too, and it wasn’t until 1910 that the grandfather of the present occupant bought the farmhouse and 150 acres of land.’ Since then land has been bought and sold ‘The village Hall and Reeds Way dwellings are built on land that was, at one time, part of the farm.’

‘ The farm has always been mixed – arable and stock. There used to be a dairy herd, but now its beef to fatten. at some time in the past. turkeys were a very valuable stock, too. Present crops are wheat, barley, maize, grass and sugar beet. With mechanisation, there is only one farmworker employed to help the family. In the 1920s, there were at least 8 men, most of whom lived in tied cottages around the green. Some of these dwellings have been demolished, while others have been renovated and become very desirable properties.’

According to notes from Ena Carter – the Carter family was at Crown Farm from 1791 to 1819. They then moved away from Stowupland but returned in 1850 to Green Farm. (Whites)  1855 mentions Thos Carter and Ena carter places him at Green Farm.

(Whites) 1844 gives William Whistlecraft and James Warren at Green Farm, 2 years later neither are named but the farmer is James Whistlecraft.

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image of 1880s map showing Green Farm location

Composite showing images from a 1881 map of Stowupland. It shows the position of Green Farm to the NW of Thorney Green. Most of the farm’s fields were located to the north and west, bordering onto Columbine Hall and Old Newton.