AJacobs Cottage

sketch of a house

Our thanks to Yvonne Jacobs who, in 2023, shared these images of her family home. The cottage stood on the corner of Gipping Road and Rendall Lane, opposite Walnut Tree Farm (previously known as Poplar Farm). It has now been demolished and new bungalows built on the site.

In 1939 Percival and Hilda Jacob were living in the cottage, Percival was a fitter at a motor works but by 1964 Hilda and her son had moved into a house in Trinity Walk so most likely the pair of thatched cottages were then demolished.

In 1840 the tithe record shows the cottage 266 owned by the Parish of Gipping and the occupiers were Benjamin Bird and John Eames et als. Surrounding land was either owned or occupied by John Boby.

Image of a thatched cottage
Photo of Jacobs Cottage, mid 20th century
1880s map
Showing the location of Jacobs Cottage in the 1880s