Manors associated with Stowupland

13th and 14th century held by Maundevilles from the Amondevil family – various spellings are found {ECA)

see also Medieval Thorney

Columbyne Hall from Columbers family {ECA)

From Kebyll family {ECA)

often in association with Thorney Campsey

from Brasyer family {ECA} ass with Mumpliers and lezens

from Mumpliers family {ECA} ass with Lezens and Braziers

from Liesne in France. {ECA}, or Lezens and often in association with Mumpliers and Braziers.

from Nunnery of Campsey {ECA}

Over the centuries there have been other Manors who have annexed areas within Stowupland’s borders

Cardens – Cardinal’s Road area (Stowmarket)

Gipping Manor