Manors associated with Stowupland

13th and 14th century held by Maundevilles from the Amondevil family – various spellings are found {ECA)

see also Medieval Thorney

Columbyne Hall from Columbers family {ECA)

From Kebyll family {ECA)

often in association with Thorney Campsey

from Brasyer family {ECA} ass with Mumpliers and lezens

from Mumpliers family {ECA} ass with Lezens and Braziers

Ena Carter’s notes suggested that she assumed  the manor was associated with Liesne in France. However it is more likely to be Lesnes Abbey in Kent. 

From the 1800’s the manor was associated with the manors of Mumpliers and Braziers.

from Nunnery of Campsey {ECA}

Over the centuries there have been other Manors who have annexed areas within Stowupland’s borders

Cardens – Cardinal’s Road area (Stowmarket)

Gipping Manor