Memories of Ena

Memories of ena

In the 1960’s Ena was a school manager (governor) at Stowupland (primary) School , when Mr Ronald Wright was head master. Ron’s wife Val shared the following memory  ‘she was a school manager, now would be referred to as a school governor. She and Jack lived in a farmhouse beside the part of Gipping Lane that overlooks Gipping Great Wood. It had few modern conveniences, no electricity, central heating and fairly primitive plumbing by the standards of the late 1950’s.They didn’t seem to want to change it in any way. Long before the museum, Jack had gathered a wonderful collection of Agricultural memorabilia.

The garden was deliberately wild – their own nature reserve – and Ena knew the names of every plant and all the visiting wildlife.

Beyond this, I can’t add much. Ena was a quiet person and they lived at the very edge of the village (Interview from 19/10/2019).