Moats and/or ponds associated with Stowupland properties.

Columbyne Hall

sketch of columbine hall land
sketch of columbine hall moat
sketch map

3 sketches showing the familiar shape of Columbine Hall’s moat, with a photo of the moat adjacent to part of the Hall. The first dates from 1741 and is a detail from a map in Stevenson’s and Geddes-Brown’s book detailing their restoration of Columbine Hall (Dove Books, 2018). The middle image is from Hollingsworth’s “History of Stowmarket” (p23), edited by Mike Durrant (2002). The final  image shows the location of the moated area within the surrounding fields in 1910.

Gipping Farm (aka Pooley's Farm)

not to be confused with Poole’s Farm on the Green.


Ena and Jack Carter sitting on a bridge over the moat in the back garden of Gipping Farm in the latter 20th century.

line drawing of house and moat

This sketch showing the moat around Gipping Farm comes from Hollingsworth’s “History of Stowmarket” (p23), edited by Mike Durrant (2002). It is just one sketch among over 20 others showing the variety of moated shapes in Suffolk. It shows the moat as it was in the mid 19th century.