Peter Northeast

Peter Northeast lived in Rattlesden but his children attended Stowupland High school.

He played a very important role in both researching and disseminating Local History. Not only did he share his knowledge but he also encourged other people to do their own research.

In 1973 The Workers’ Educational Association put on a course 12 lectures on many aspects of Local History in Stowupland. Peter Northeast  was the tutor and the lectures were held in Stowupland Primary School. (The High School would not be built for another two years).

The reading list is worth checking out. We have many rough course notes in Ena Carter’s hand writing, read more

1973 was a time of petrol rationing

Belstead Lectures

Ena and Jack Carter attended many Local History lectures which were held during the 1960s and 70s at Belstead House in Ipswich. Here are a few examples.

1967 Travel and Communication Lecture
Suffolk Canals and Railways
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In 1979 Peter Northeast was one of 3 tutors for a weekend course exploring Non-Conformity in Suffolk. the other tutors were Gwen Dyke and William Sarjeant.

1979 Suffolk Non-Conformity
Booking form
weekend programme