Our Public Spaces

The image shows our  Congregational Chapel as it appeared on a 1930 post card.

It was originally built in the early 19th century so probably the earliest public building where local people met that still stands in the present Stowupland..

Spaces for Learning

Our Schools: click here to see some  images of our schools

This photo shows a school class in the early 1900’s showing Margaret Catchpole and her Head master Mr Bramhall

Churches and Chapels

St Peter’s and St Mary;s Church
photo of part of stowupland Green
Football on the Green

Our Green  is at the heart of our village. The parish council works hard to balance protecting the pristine views across the Green with permitting its use by the villagers for recreation.

Charities; read more

Support for the poor  seems to have crossed parish boundaries making it difficult to detail specific Stowupland charities. Money might be donated to a parish to provide specific aid but other times rents from designated properties would be used to provide assistance for ‘poor people’


Village Activities

1906, The Swifts.
See below for Stowupland Flower Show and Fete or click on  Village Activities images



The  Clubs  and meetings


Village sports and Pub teams.

According to a local resident (JC) leisure activities ‘ expanded in the 1930s, with whist drives, tennis, football on the green, table tennis’…by the 1990s ‘the variety of activities had widened, with more types of sports available -bowls, indoor bowls, cricket, youth and adult football, B.B, Guides and Brownies and the Over 60s’

Public Meeting Halls

(see images)

Community activities