Saxham Street Stories

Hollingsworth (p61) calls it Saxo’s home street, conjecturing that it was the route that Saxo a pre-conquest land-owner, used when travelling between his seat (ham) in Stonham and Stow.

It has had various spellings being Saxton, Saxston or Saxon and has been referred to as Saxham  hamlet. It may have once had its own Green or mere so the street element might indicate a surveyor’s road, a straight pathway across the green.

In census reports it has been named as Mendelsham Road or extended along todays Church Road as far as Park Farm.

 Prior to the 20th century most of the properties were associated with the land being either working farm houses or farm workers cottages, but in the 1960’s a number of residential bungalows were built.

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Watch Bench Lane no longer exists. Maybe the Freeman’s didnt want a footpath crossing their park land. As this track would follow the 200m contoru line, so one of the higher points in Stowupland it would have been a good vantage point to watch for ‘visitors’ approaching from the Stonhams or the Creetings.