Carpenters, 'smiths and 'wrights.

Several occupations carry the suffix ‘smith, but the commonest smith in rural areas was the Blacksmith.

The skills of smithing, wheelwrights, coopers, carpentry and building often overlapped, for example, carpenters and blacksmiths were skilled workers in their own disciplines however our records suggest that there was a great deal of overlap in the jobs that craftsmen undetook.

In the 19th century Saxham Street had 2 centers for carpentry and ‘smithing.

Named in 1601 Inventory for Willm Cottingham as a Blacksmith,

John Dent, 1738, was a blacksmith on the Green

Issac Taylor (b1812)

1851 census names Issac Taylor as ablacksmith on Thorney Green and in the 1840s a Taylor is named as a wheelwright, blacksmith, farmer and threshing machine proprietor.

According to the Ipswich Chronicle , Nov 24th 1826, a fire broke at the wheelwright’s shop of Mr Hart. Was there a family connection to the Hart’s that had a large concern later in the 19th century opposite Oak Tree Farm in Saxham Street?

John Quinton, in 1840 was a carpenter living in Saxham Street owning and occupying the properties mentioned in the Tithe Apportionments as 213 and 214, now Saxham Cottage and Viesites Cottages. The business was taken over by John Robinson.

In the 1850s Mr John Robinson,who declines the wheelwright business’ so sold some stock-in-trade ‘.

1855 (Whites) Abraham Hearn is named as a wheelwright.

1864 (Harrods & Co postal & Commercial directory) George baker is a cooper and Wheelwright on Thorney Green.

      Bear & Peak are millwrights and engineers.

   Thomas Green is a cooper and wheelwright.

  Jarvis & James Hart are blacksmiths. Wlliam Hart is a wheelwright.

John Robinson is a carpenter

 Robert Lockwood is a steam Engine Proprietor

1874- Wilden’s had wheelwright’s shops at Orchard Farm and Mill House (Mill street

Kellys 1891/2

George seaman, Blacksmith

1885 (Whites): George Baker, wheelwright and cooper on Thorney Green.

                            David Rist, Carpenter, Thorney Green. (in 1855 he is also the parish clerk)

Kellys 1896: Chas Burch – iron & template worker, plumber & glazier, Thorney Green.

                        – James Hart, blacksmith, Saxham Street.

                     – William Dent, carpenter.

Kellys 1896: Arthur Ambrose , carpenter, wheelwright & furnishing, undertaker, all descriptions of wheelwright work undertaken, carts made to order, coffins made: Thorney Green

Samuel Smith, in the 1900’s is named as  a blacksmith and shop keeper on Saxham Street (Kellys 1896)

Kellys 1904: Fred Barnes, shoeing, general smith & machinist on Thorney Green

                        (Mrs ) Rebecca Dent, carpenter

                        Robert Francis, Bricklayer

Mr T. Brame, in the early 20th century he was a congregational preacher as well as a carpenter. He lived in Church Walk with his wife .His son was the missionary Leslie Brame

1891 (Kellys): – William Upson, Builder.