Saxham Street - 'smiths, wheelwrights and coopers

Blacksmiths listed in Saxham Street

1964 Joseph Denny  – blacksmith

Several members of the Hart family were Blacksmiths.  In 1826 there was a big fire reported, this may have been the smithy opposite Oak Tree Farm  or on The Green

‘ about 10 o’clock on Wed night, a fire broke out in the wheelwrights shop of Mr Hart of Stowupland which with its contents to a considerable amount were entirely destroyed’

1891-2 Horace and James Hart

1885 Issac and James Hart

1874 Elijah and James Hart wheelwrights, coopers and builders

1855 William Hart – wheelwright

Elizabeth Hart – blacksmith

1844 – John Hart blacksmith

Carpenters and Builders

In 1840 John Quinton was living in Saxham Cottage (though we don’t know if it was called that then). He was a carpenter and owned land across the road and next door. He did some work for the Freeman family at Stowupland Hall. But by the next census of 1851 he is not named.