Stowupland Flower Show and Fete at Stowupland Hall

In the first half of the 20th century the Stowupland Flower Show and Fete was held on park land to the rear of  Stowupland Hall.

A Saxham Street resident remembers an 8 foot wall that separated the private gardens of The Hall and the horse racing events with jockeys riding Suffolk Punches.

Read Eric Noy’s memories of the Stowupland Fower Show and Fete from 1946

In 2020 Roger Lark (son of Rev Lark) shared his memories by email of the fete, “another fond memory is helping to run the clay pigeon shoot at the flower show as run by a farmer think it was Barker he has a collection of vintage tractors. Was paid £1 10s a bottle of tolly brown ale and fish and chips for tea, Happy days.