Stowupland Hall

In 1820, though possibly not yet called Stowupland Hall the house was advertised as a ‘new built brick-built mansion‘. ‘It formed part of the estate of the late John Bayley Tailer who had inherited it from his Uncle Issac Bayley in 1800. This was probably when the house was built (Langridge 2017). See  St Thomas Hall

1821 – Charles Rayner Freeman

1864 William Freeman

1865 Isaac Strutt

1874 Thos Harwood

1885 Hy Fairfax Harwood

During the first half of the 20th century it was the venue for Stowupland Fete

1925 Hy Fairfax Harwood is owner but Thomas Carter is tenant

1927 Thomas Carter

1945 Robert Black

1961 Thomas Chaplin

1979 Alexander Anderson

1993 following the death of A Anderson it became the offices and factory of Plain English