The Old Farmhouse, Mill Street, Stowupland

Possibly also know as Tudor Farmhouse or locally as Berridges, see also Mill Street farm.

In the 1900s it was farmed by Jack Hill whose 5 children were all born there; Frank, Basil (who married Daisy Kerry, twin sister of May), Edwin, Daisy (married Robert Mortimer) and George (had ‘sleeping sickness’ and was killed on the railway line).


In the mid 20th century it was farmed by Leslie Berridge as an Apple farm.

In the 70s he claimed his agricultural business was ‘unviable’ due to the link road between the A1120 and the Stowmarket by-pass cutting his land into ‘five parts’. He was seeking planning permission for  ‘4 houses with garages on 1.6 acres to the east of Mill Street.’ Mid Suffolk District Council said ‘Mill Street would be unable to cope with the extra traffic caused by new housing and children would have to cross a hazardous road to get to school’ adding ‘ it would be a great pity to spoil such a pleasant rural area’.

In the latter half of the 20th century Roger Miller and his wife Beverly contiued the fruit farming tradition, selling produce in the late summer from a caravan adjacent to the garage.

Plastic bag used to sell fruit from Old farm.

In 1979 Mill Street became a new home for a flock of Muscovey Ducks that needed relocating to the country from Ipswich.