Geo Wells


Inventory of 13th June 1664. Hall, parlour, bedchamber, buttery, hall chamber, buttery chamber, backhouse, diary, cheese chamber. total £76.9s.4d ( Bury St eds 592/9/91)

John Wells 


A press report form Ipswich Journal, July 21st 1798.

Tuesday last an inquest was taken at Stowupland by Mr Harwood, Gent, coroner , on the body of John Wells age 14 who instantly died in consequence of a wound he received by the discharge of a gun.

The facts were as follows: two boys, playmates of the deceased, went with him to the counting house of Mr Dennis Chandler, of Stowupland, corn merchant, to deliver a parcel, in which room stood a loaded gun, kept there for the purpose of killing rats. One of the boys, about 10 years old, took up the gun, where it immediately went off (but by what means it did not appear), and killed the deceased as above mentioned. Jurors verdict, Accidental death.

(hand written copy in Ena Carter’s archive)

John Wells

In the 1800s John Wells built cottages on the Green he lived in one and kept a small beerhouse


1700s a Mr Wells had land adjacent to a field called Spoonmans