Ada Kinch

Ada was born in 1893 and from the age of 12 she was doing extra studies to become a teacher

In 1935 she arrived with her father and sisters at Stowupland School. She took over from Mr Napthine. In 1938 she was on the committee that oversaw the work and finances of the Stowupland and Creeting St Peter Nursing Association.

Read about  a parents day in August 1939. This was the summer  term before the start of WW2. By  September the school would have made ‘adjustments’ to accommodate the influx of evacuees from Ilford.

She had to delay her retirement in the 1950’s until Mr Ronald Wright arrived to replace her.

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or for the longer version in her own words, a typed document of 8 pages; “A Diary of a Victorian Country LadyA Biography of Ada-Kinch