A brief overview on the start of  SLHG

Following on from the 2005 Parish Plan, in 2010  an enthusiastic group of local residents with the support of friends from Stowmarket  put together a plan for setting up a Local History Group in Stowupland.

In July 2011 an inaugural meeting was held with funding provided by the parish Council. The parish Council continued to provide some financial assistance until the Group was able to hold its first meetings in November 2011, from then on the group was  able to finance itself.

The first meetings were held in the Church Hall, but the Group then moved along the road to the Village Hall.

From the start talks were held on a wide range of subjects relating to the history of Suffolk Folk, with displays and the occasional musical evening.

Covid 19 saw group face-to-face meetings suspended. But the Committee members, through the medium of the village website, Telstar, Facebook and zoom continued to inform Stowuplanders of their history.