Charles Robert Bree (1811 – 1886) was married to Francis Elizabeth Bree (d. 19/11/ 1909). They had land in Stowmarket and Stowupland in the second half of the 19th century.

Charles Robert Bree M.D. Edin, M.R.C.S.Eng, L.S.A etc

He was born in Amblsside in 1811, dies 17th October 1886. In 1834 he took over the practice of J. F. Freeman in Stowmarket, where he lived at the Stricklands (Stricklands Lane for a time was known as Bree’s Lane.)He ran a Penny Club for the Poor.

In 1859 he was elected physician to the Essex and Colchester Hospital. where he stayed for 22 years.

Francis Elizabeth Bree survived her husband and moved to Bury St Edmunds, from her will we have details of land that they owned in Stowupland.

4th Jun 1854, C.R. Bree was admitted to the lands detailed below that was previously associated with John Edgar Rust ( at present Dr Bree’s family connection to J.E.Rust is unknown.)

  • 2 acres, Baskets Close –  Copyhold land of Thorney Hall
  • 10 acres, 3r 2p- Messuage, gardens, orchards and 3 peices of pasture formerly ass. with Cottinghams, lying between Thorney Green to East, Plumptons to west abutting land late of John Rickard and the Kings Highway to South and land of Henry Young to the North
  • Messuage divided into 3 tenements called Birds (aka Thorney) and 6 acres of copyhold land (Thorney Lezons) pasture and arable pieces in occupation formerly of Richard Bloom, then George Diaper.