Charles A.W. Foord

Mr Foord moved to Stowupland in 1955. He had commenced his teaching career 8 years earleir in Southend. He retired in 1974.

Mr Wright (Stowupland head master) presented him with a set of suitcases from the staff, a penknife from the school governors and a set of wood bowls from the PTA. In return he presented the school with an aerial photograph of Stowupland.

Mr Foord was treasurer of the Stowmarket URC  and a former clerk to Stowupland parish Council.

On retiring he planned pursue a career as a bowls player having joined the newly formed Stowupland Bowls club. He helped 3 Vietnamese families in Stowmarket to learn English and devoted time to the Stowmareket Blind Association


He died at the age of 70, on July 19th 1981.