Columbyne Bungalows

In the 1920’s the first row of council planned bungalows were built in Stowupland. Sixty years later planning  for a further 17 dwellings, to be built on ‘former garden land,’ was applied for.

Columbyne Bungalows, photo courtesy of M. Jessop
photo of Stowupland Green
jan 1968 photo showing path from Green Farm gate to Columbyne Bungalows

The 1984 bungalows were to have central heating, garages, hardstandings and sewers.

May Wilden with her twin sister Daisy Hill in 1958

During WW2 several families living in these bungalows took in children who had been evacuated from Ilford. May Wilden and her twin sister Daisy Hill lived a few doors away from each other. Daisy lived in one of the row of bungalows though her sister lived across the road. May’s house has since been demolished.

In 1962 Percy Southgate of Columbyne Close won the Village Gardens Cup and took ‘third place in the Gipping Rural District competition for ‘gardener tenant’. 3 years later his garden was judged best of the 1,100 ‘gardens attached to council houses’ in the Gipping Rural District.