Jack (Alfred) and Sidney Hammond both enlisted in WW1. In 2014 the East Anglian Daily Times ran a piece by Steve Russell on The First World War and how it ‘touched the lives of everyday families in Suffolk’. Rita Gibbons shared exerts from a letter written to her Aunt by Her Aunt’s brother Jack.

It was ‘written  in pencil on Spetember 11, 1916’ -Jack died on October 7th 1916.

“I should think you had quite an exciting time when the Zepps came that way -I was pleased thet didnt do any damage – but its nice to hear of’em being brought down”.

“I don’t want you to worry about me.I’m alright been under horse vans etc. I am trusting to God to bring me through alright. That’s a great blessing to me that I have someone to go to for help and guidance, and trust that the prayers being offered on behalf of the soldiers and sailors will be answered in His good time.”

On 24/05/1820 an infant James Hammond was buried in a Paupers’ Grave at Onehouse.

And on 02/12/1821 14 yr old Sarah Hammond was also buried in a Paupers’ Grave at Onehouse,  they were both from Stowupland.(From research by Ray Taylor)