Iron or Parish Rooms

A church or parish room was situated in the grounds of the first vicarage, it was referred to as the Iron room.The adjoining map shows a rectangular building between the vicarage and the Main Road. it is assumed this was the old parish or Iron room

The vicarage ceased to be used as a vicarage in 1983 and the Iron Room was demolished in 1985 around the time a new church hall was erected behind Holy Trinity Church.

extracts of 1880 map
Extracts of 1880 maps showing the location of the old Parish or Iron Room

The vicarage or parsonage house was built in 1874, but at present The ‘Iron Room’ was added a few years later.

1911 postcard showing Stowupland vicarage
1911 image of Stowupland Vicarage
property sale

In the 1980s the vicarage and the church rooms were sold off.