Textile Mills

Paper Mill – In the mid 19th century a factory was in operation on the banks of the River Gipping manufacturing paper from straw. This was sold in 1877 after the death of Mr Manning Prentice.

1867 – not a good day at work!

On a Monday in 1867, a lad named Scarfe got entangled in the leather bands at the Paper Mill, and was severely crushed, some of his ribs being broken, and one piercing his lungs. He was attended by Mr. Harper. The Paper Mill which made paper from straw and esparto grass, started in 1865 and was situated on the River Gipping and owned by Manning Prentice.(Facebook 22/01/24 from Stowmarket Local History Group Archives)

Leather Mill – Kellys 1891/2: Fred John Bugg, compresses leather Manufacturer, leather mills & Ipswich