Precis of Conveyance of land in 1865

‘We William Freeman (Gentleman of Lynford, Norfolk and Mary and Ellen Freeman (spinsters) and Spencer Freeman (Farmer of Thorington, Suffolk) under an Act of Queen Victoria to ‘afford further facilities for the Conveyance and Endowment of sites for schools do grant and convey to the minister and churchwardens of the parish of Stowupland and their successors all that piece  or parcel of land measuring 2 roods and 27 perches or thereabouts as formed a field or enclosure known as ‘Pitman’s field’ as a site for a school for poor persons… and for the residence of the school master and school mistress…and for no other purpose. AND IT IS HEREBY DECLARED that the school shall be at all times open to the inspection of the Inspector  and inspectors of school…shall always be in union with and conducted according to the principal and in furtherance of the ends and designs of the National Society for promoting the education of the poor in principals of the established church throughout England and Wales and subject to conformity with the declaration aforesaid the said school and premises shall be directed controlled governed and managed by the Minister and Churchwardens. {NL}

Map showing location of Pitman's Meadow in 1840

Ptiman’s Meadow before Holy Trinity Church, the vicarage  or the school was built.

By the 1960s the area around the school is much buildup

. The hall shown adjacent to the vicarage is the Iron or parish Rooms whilst further along the Crown Hill opposite the cemetery os the Village hall.

Map showing the location and school area before the 1960's school extention