1950's memories of Disneys

In 2020 Roger Lark emailed SLHG with some of his memories of Disney’s.

“My dad was vicar at Stowupland {in the 1950’s} and I spent most of my  teenage years there. When still at school I inherited from my best friend (Trevor Clements) the job of delivery boy  for dear ol Alec Disney this for a 14 year old was the best job ever £3 a week in 1959 (and the occasional woodbine) you always handed this job down to your best mate.

I delivered Paddy’s Mum’s groceries from Disneys, he was one of the ‘big boys’ older than me. His  shop was exactly like open all hours, he even had a stutter a lovely man. On saturday i would take the weeks takings in a biscuit tin to national provincial bank, hundreds of pounds (in 1957/59) on the way back picked up the tobacco and cigarettes from a shop just up from Charlie Codd the cycle shop another lovely chap we Stowupland kids would leave our bicycles in a shed behind the shop when going to the pictures. We loved it in Stowupland but the powers that be persuaded father to move to Worlingham near Beccles. I hated leaving as all my friends were there, and my teenage sweetheart Barbara Horrex (ne Wilding). We still send Christmas cards.

My one lasting regret is that I was working offshore when the choir (1955/6)  had a reunion.”