Spoonman's Farm

Spoonmans Farm – abuts Town Land to the West to the common highway to the north on Mr Suggetts land to the Wast on lands late TARVERS to the south now in the occupayion of James Dalton

1327 – Adam Sponman – Thorney

1466- will of Thos. Degos of Thorny Hamlet to son john …  and a close (field) called Sponmays {ECA}

In his will dated 27th February 1586 James Rivett gave land that was situated North East of Spoonmans farm and became known as Spoonmans. The area amounted to 20 acres 2 rods 3 perches and included a barn, it yielded in the early years £4.13s.4p for the poor.
By 1828 the land was being let for a period of 11 years at £40 a year. In modern times much of the land has been lost by the construction of the Stowmarket bypass, part of the remaining fields is now given over to allotments. { “Alms and Legacies – a History of the Stowmarket Charities” by Sue Cowling and Steve Williams, 2012.}

1716 – a field called Spoonmans. A tenement, barn, 4 pieces of land containing 7 acres abutting a land leading to Mr Jacobs to the West (Sheepcote Hall). Mr Wells land to the east and late Tarver’s to the south (now in occupation of Robert Osbourn)

From 1716 Terrier for Stowmarket ‘ A tenement barn & four piece of land lyeing in Stowupland containing seven acres …now in the occupation of Robert Osbourn Senior at the yearly rent of six pounds ten shillings’.

‘In monies Forty Five Pounds …applyed to the purchase of a Field called Spoonmans’

Addition to the above dated June 1725, ‘a field called Spoonmans… now occ James Dalton at yearly rent £6… purchased with £45 & £60 raised by parishioners … to complete purchase’

1837 – Tarvers late John Freeman clerk to late Edmund Freeman and now occ Richard Freeman

Possibly from a Bryant’s map of Suffolk 1824/5  – Sponmans barn is named as Goodmans barn {ECA)

1840 Tithe map shows Spoonmans yards etc 19a 3r 26p. ( no 569) but  no house. Owner Stowmarket Feoffee, occ Stephen Freeman.

1855 the Poor Rate Book recorded that Spoonmans field was bought by parishes of Stowmarket

1855 – Land & barn – Spoonmans barn, owner Stowmarket feoffees, occupier Spencer Freeman (he also owned part of the land)

1867 Ipswich Journal 5th Oct 1867

          Advert for sale of  live and dead farming stock of Spencer Freeman Esq,  Spoonmans Farm

1891 – occupation Elector’s list – James Goddard {ECA)

1980 – application for planning consent for conversion of barn to dwelling by Trustees of Stowmarket Charities for Spoonmans farm. (Ena noted the barn was a timber framed building with a slate roof in poor condition.

1986 application for erection of timber framed house by Mr and Mrs Fennell at Spoonmans Farm {ECA}