Stowupland Amateur Players et als

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The 1957 cast of the Stowupland Amateur Players who performed Noel Coward’s comedy ‘I’ll Leave it to You’ on the stage of Stowupland’s Village Hall –  just a year after the hall was opened.

Our thanks to Joyce Gardiner for recalling the names (2019)

1959 cast list of  ‘But Once a Year’

Joyce Scarfe

Joyce Garrod

Sylvia Garrod

Anthony Craske

Joan Runeckles

Evelyn Barnard

Ian Shave

John Garrod

Christine List

Briam Williams

1963, Friday 13th September, A  Performance in Stowupland Village Hall.1963 performance

Unsure if these are members of SAP but they are local people

19th May 1961, a musical evening by a large cast of a variety of ages

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1961 program 1

1961 program 2