Cafe's and Take-Aways

Nutshells took over after Allards Farm shop and PO closed in 2020. it was destroyed by fire in February 2022

Little China _Chinese take away at Dent’s Corner

Fish and Chips – in the 1940’s Mr Buckle ran a take away from where todays shop is

        also Mr Seamen had a shop on the site of the Old Mill on the green.

In the 1980’s Mr R Lewis owned the Fish & Chip shop.

Opening times: Tues 11;30-1;15   4;30-6;15   7;15 – 9;30

                                Thurs    —–    4;30-6;15   7;15;10.30

                              Fri   11;30-1;15  ————-7;15-11;00

                              Sat ————–4;30 – 11;15

By 2020 Martin Cracknell owned the shop, selling it in 2022