Planning and materials schedule for Stowupland Village Hall

The appointed architect was John Adams A.R.I. B.A. chartered architect of 19 Fonnereau Road, Ipswich, Suffolk.

A press report (5/3/56) on the opening ceremony of the hall claimed ‘ The immediate post-war period brought a succession of difficulties but ultimately it was learnt that the Government grant could be obtained provided the work of building was undertaken by voluntary labour. In September 1953 a start was made…A type of block was found that could be erected largely by unskilled labour. The parish in fact was the pioneer in the use of this particular material for the biulding of a village hall.’

Mr Addison (chair of the village hall committee) told the assembled audience  ‘We discovered many difficulties and we learnt the hard way …it is my belief, in fact, that we were able to teach the man who discovered the method of making this block more about this block than he himself knew.’

In 1954 a detailed schedule for materials with expected costs was drawn up. The expected costs for materials was £2,464 3s 0d. See 1954 building schedule for village hall.