Displays of Local History in Stowupland

In 1970  Jack and Ena Carter put together their own exhibition of Local history and Bygones in the Village Hall. It ran over the 4 days of Easter . They had 322 exhibits and the visitors book shows they had 513 visitors. Many of the exhibits had been donated by local people, especially members of the O60’s Club. We have a list of exhibits and know some went to  MEAL some are in SLHG archives butI wonder what happened to the rest. See also…

note book cover
Cover of Ena's notebook for the 1970 Stowupland Exhibition

Ena kept a record of who had donated what, how the exhibits would be displayed  and asked  their visitors to sign in this note book.

Many of the exhibits were loaned by local people and she detailed who had loaned what. She also  noted that 80 exhibits had been borrowed from the Museum of Rural Life, including ‘R.Allard’s Milk Pram’ (Mary Bloom and her sister would use this to deliver milk from Walnut Tree farm  to local people).

Some of the exhibits have found their way into Stowupland’s Local History Group archives but we would love to track down more.


Page 1 of exhibits
Page 2 of exhibits
handwritten list of exhibits
Page 3 of exhibits
Hand written list of exhibits
Last page of exhibits