Ena Carter, her life and her contribution to Local History

Ena was born in Lincoln in 1911, but her parents were from Suffolk. She met her husband Jack whilst on family holidays at Stowupland Hall (qv). Having married into a Stowupland farming family she focused on researching and recording local history. She and Jack made a good team promoting the need to preserve the past.. He was the public spokesperson while she was the administrator and recorder.

Although she did not publish her research her notes have been an invaluable resource for our group. Ena did reference where her information had come from.  Some was from the County Archives some was by word of mouth from local people.

They both played an active role in local life sitting on several committees.

Jack and Ena were part the post WW2 enthusiastic movement to learn and record all aspects of local history. They attended lectures and classes to learn about ‘doing’ local history. Jack was a ‘magnet’ for unwanted farming equipment and Ena helped catalogue collections of memorabilia that local people shared with them.

Jack and Ena died many years before Stowupland Local History Group was formed but we owe them a great debt. We are extreme;y   grateful to their daughter who saved and passed on Ena’s archives to us.