Stowupland Elementary ediuation in the 20th century

1901 Arthur Gillet Bramhill was head master and the school name was Stowupland Council School

1922, Arthur Gillet Bramhall was due to retire as head master and M.R. Harwoord was chairman of the Board of managers.

Space for 216 children at Public Elementary School for Stowupland and Creeting St Peter.

1939 the school had to make arrangements to accommodate a large group of evacuee children  from Ilford, see Stowupland Strangers.

School managers included Mr George Carter, Mrs J. Forrest and Mr Robert Wilden.

Relating to School sewage: Unnamed newspaper –  April 15th, 1949.

“‘I’ve been fighting for thee school sewers for years’ said Mr Meakin, one of the school managers. ‘At the moment we have a static tank, and the council come round and collect the stuff in a lorry.’

 School transport: “A SCHOOL BUS

This is just a junior school now’ he went on to explain, ‘ for the under 10 and a halfs. The rest go to Stowmarket. But I think they ought to provide a school bus. The education authorities provide bicycles and leggings, and everything – but no other transport. Some have to come from Creeting – and some of the youngest kids are five’”map showing Stowupland primary school and Holy Trinity church

1964, extension to the school on land provided by Charles Freeman, school later known as Stowupland County Primary.

The school managers were

Chair; Mr A.G. Addison M.B.E. JP

The Rev. Prebendary M. Fountain Page M.A. Mr J. Runeckles, Mrs J, Carter (Ena), Mrs R.Wrinch, Mr F. Welham.

1983 renamed as Freeman Cou