Bradwell Croft

This land was formerly Earl Stonham Town Land and seems to have been situated within the area previously known as Badegrym Woods on the boundary between Stowupland and Earl Stonham is to the East of Saxham Street.

In 1926 (1st March) Bradwell Croft was acquired by Samuel Cobbold. He already owned adjacent farmland.having bought Grange Farm in 1921.

At the time of writing the link between Bradwell Croft and Bradwell Hall is not known. However on Aug 23rd  1817, Sarah Roper the only daughter of  the late Mr J.Roper, farmer of Stowupland, married S.Lazell of Bradwell Hall.


In June 1804 a John Roper, tenant of 89a 1p and 33r on Thorney Green gave notice to quit on October 1804. On October 1st 1804 there was a “sale of effects – dead farming stock, dairy, brewing utensils & part of household effects” (ECA)