Swifts Cycle Speedway

history of speedway
John Hill's history of Stowupland cycle Speedway
1954 Stowupland Swifts (Cycle speedway team )

The Stowupland Cycle Speedway team of the 1950’s called themselves the Swifts, which for historians is confusing as our footballers at the start of the 20th century had called them Swifts, but by the 50’s they had had several changes of name. This press cutting is from the Bury Free Press of October 1954 taken at their Social and Dance which was held in the Boys Brigade Hut. Earlier in the year they had staged a racing event at the Stowupland Flower Show and Fete.

The Swifts team pictured in the 60’s with tabards showing their team name.
photo of cycle team
Stowupland Swifts Speedway Cycle team