The Gun Cotton and Munitions factories

At the time of the infamous Gun Cotton Explosion of August 11th, 1871 the factory stood in Stowupland, on the bank of the River Gipping. Although workers travel led to work in the factory from Stowupland we were fortunate none of our people were killed or recorded as seriously injured.  We know from the census that a David Stockings (age 20) from Saxham street worked as a labourer at the Gun Cotton factory in 1871. his youger brother Thomas (age 18) worked at the Iron Foundary.

Next door to the Stockings were the Allards. The father James was a labourer at the Chemical factory and his son was an apprentice fitter at the Iron Foundry.

10 years later both families have moved from Saxham Street, and the men are all recorded as working on the land.