The Brame surname is frequently encountered in the history of Stowupland. As our research finds a mention of a Brame it will be posted here but it does not imply there is a family conection between them.

Edmund Brame (age 2), son of Edmund died 09/11/1852 after drinking hot water out of a tea kettle. (Stowmarket LHG archive, data collated by Steve Williams).

Between 1904 and 1916 a George Brame was at Walnut Tree Cottage before moving to Poole’s farm (on The Green).

Kellys 1912 & 1916 names as farmers George Brame at Walnut Tree Farm and a Thos. Wm Brameat Poole’s Farm.

Harriet Brame

In 1939 a widowed Harriet Brame, (b 6/6/1870)  was living on the Green with Lily Lummas (b 3/12/1901), Florence Coote (b 13/5/04) and Donald Coote (b26/10/1933)

Thomas G (b20/1/1908) and

Mary G Brame (b19/12/1909)

In 1939 Thomas is a farmer living on the Green, between Harriet on one side and Mr Walter and Mrs Dulcie Rampley on the other.

Sarah Brame

Mother of Thomas William Brame. At the age of 90 she went to live with Thomas and Ruth, but after 5 years as she required round -the-clock nursing the reluctant decision was taken for her to be admitted to a hospital for the elderly infirm or workhouse. Apparently the hospital had been revamped and although Saarh was on a ward with 50 other patients (no longer known as inmates) the care was not as bad as anticipated and Sarah remained there for 3 years.

Leslie Brame and his parents, Mr and Mrs T Brame

Mr T.Brame was father of Rev Leslie Brame. He was born in Earl Stonham in the late 1800s and although officially retired was still working at the age of 79. He was a keen gardener, member of stowupland Over 60’s Club, a lay preacher and respected member of the Congregational Church. This photo was taken outside a house in Church Walk, Stowupland (Our thanks to a later resident Albert Cooper who recognisde the porch)

Family of Thomas William and Ruth (ne Robinson) Brame (from Leslie’s autobiography). Thomas and Ruth were cousins but they were married April 20th, 1898.

Reginald William was born May 21st, 1899.

Miriam Ruth

Kittie Evelyn

Leslie Alfred b 26th October 1911

Leslie remembered that when he was 3 1/2 they fostered a ‘Barnados Boy’, Fred Esler (possibly the baby son of an American).

Reg was apprenticed to a printer, Miriam went into service, Kittie was trained as a shop assistant. Fred worked on a farm.

In the 1939 survey Frederick Esler (b 14th July 1918) was working as a cowman and married to Kathleen (b 20th April 1917) and they have a baby girl

The Reverend Leslie Alfred brame M.A. (Hons) Contab.

He was the son of a Stowupland carpenter and lay preacher, was born in the first year of WW1, October 26th 1914. His parents Thomas and Ruth lived in Church Walk, Stowupland. The Congregational Church in Stowupland featured largely in Leslie’s upbringing.

 He attended Stowmarket County Secondary School before gaining a Bachelor of Arts from Cheshunt College,

photo of man
Leslie Brame

Cambridge. At the age of 24, as Britain was heading into WW2, he was ordained to the ministry as a missionary to Northern China at Stowmarket Congregational Church . The Rev T. Cocker Brown said ‘they were sending him to the great plains in North China, composed of thousands of square miles, and filled with an unthinkable mass of humanity. He spoke of the suffering which was being endure by that hard-working rather slow-witted people through Japanese oppression and occupation. It was he said  a time of tribulation and agony, but it was only a temporary state and already a new China was being forged.’

The Rev Weir  reminded the new ordinand that ‘the totalitarian state was everywhere threatening to control the life of the individual… prescribing with pagan ruthlessness not only how men were to live, but how they were to worship. The Church could never be a department of the establishment and controlled by the law of the land. When Christianity started to become that kind of worship it ceased to be Christianity.’

In 1972 after working in China, Samoa and New Zealand, the Rev Brame returned home for a  month stay before returning to New Zealand. He had married in China, but they returned to England in 1949 , having had to make a difficult escape into Burma as the political situation in China deteriorated. They subsequently went to Samoa but after a few years he moved to New Zealand with his wife and daughter.

Information taken from contemporaneous press cuttings.

And we are very grateful to a relative of Leslie’s for sharing  Leslie’s memories As I Remember it, Book 1, Growing up in Suffolk 1914 – 1940′.

From the 1939 register, the Brame family were living in Church Walk, Stowupland

Thomas W.Brame (b.24/06/1873), married and a builders carpenter and wheelwright. In 1952 T W Brame was still working.

Ruth Brame (b.09/04/1874) married and a housewife.

Leslie Alfred Brame (b. 26/10/1914, he is male, unmarried and a congregational missionary.

Leslie Greenblatt or Green (b18/08/1932) – presumably an evacuee.

1953 – (Bury Free Press) ‘School teacher and keen church worker, Miss Miriam Ruth Brame (elder sister of Leslie Brame), daughter of Mr W Brame and late Mrs Brame of Church Walk, Stowupland was married Saturday at the Congregational Church, Stowupland. her bridegroom was Mr William Stevens of Hill Street, Stowupland and Rev N.B. Frost officiated. The bride was given away by her brother Mr R. Brame.’

John Brame b. 1850 (in Earl Stonham)  – d.1936. Although born in Earl Stonham he worked for a time at Stowupland Hall (for Mr Harwood) , living in Saxham street till the 1930s (his wife died around 1930) . His eldest son was also named John. He is buried with his youngest son Arthur Brame in Willesden.

Together with his wife they brought up a family of 6 sons and 4 daughters.

Miss Rosetta Maria Brame the daughter of Mt J.Brame and the late Mrs Brame of Saxham Street.

Capt Reginald Brame of the 5th Mid-Suffolk Stowupland Boys Brigade

Ellen Brame was the daughter of George Diaper from Oak farm. She died in November, 1938. She was Thos Brame’s second wife. He died in 1919, his first wife Emma (King?) had died in 1911.

press cutting
Death of Ellen Brame, 1938

Harry Brame was born in Stowupland in 1894. His parents were Frederick and Emily Brame and in 1901 the family lived in Main Road, Stowupland. Harry was a gunner in the Royal Garrison Artillery 104th Heavy Brigade and he died in Iraq on 21st December 1915 at the age of 21.

1929 the death of George Brame of Poole Farm was announced.

Eva Gertrude Brame – d 22/7/1965 age 76