The Brame surname is frequently encountered in the history of Stowupland. As our research finds a mention of a Brame it will be posted here but it does not imply there is a family conection between them.

Between 1904 and 1916 a George Brame was at Walnut Tree Cottage before moving to Poole’s farm (on The Green).

Leslie Albert Brame, the son of a Stowupland carpenter and preacher, was born in the first year of WW1. His parents lived in Church Walk, Stowupland.

 He attended Stowmarket County Secondary School before gaining a Bachelor of Arts from Cheshunt College, Cambridge. At the age of 24, as Britain was heading into WW2, he was ordained to the ministry as a missionary to Northern China at Stowmarket Congregational Church . The Rev T. Cocker Brown said ‘they were sending him to the great plains in North China, composed of thousands of square miles, and filled with an unthinkable mass of humanity. He spoke of the suffering which was being endure by that hard-working rather slow-witted people through Japanese oppression and occupation. It was he said  a time of tribulation and agony, but it was only a temporary state and already a new China was being forged.’

The Rev Weir  reminded the new ordinand that ‘the totalitarian state was everywhere threatening to control the life of the individual… prescribing with pagan ruthlessness not only how men were to live, but how they were to worship. The Church could never be a department of the establishment and controlled by the law of the land. When Christianity started to become that kind of worship it ceased to be Christianity.’

In 1972 after working in China, Samoa and New Zealand, the Rev Brame returned home for a  month stay before returning to New Zealand. He had married in China, but they returned to England in 1949 , having had to make a difficult escape into Burma as the political situation in China deteriorated. They subsequently went to Samoa but after a few years he moved to New Zealand with his wife and daughter.

Information taken from contemporaneous press cuttings