On a Monday in 1867, a lad named Scarfe got entangled in the leather bands at the Paper Mill, and was severely crushed, some of his ribs being broken, and one piercing his lungs. He was attended by Mr. Harper. The Paper Mill which made paper from straw and esparto grass, started in 1865 and was situated on the River Gipping and owned by Manning Prentice.(Facebook 22/01/24 from Stowmarket Local History Group Archives).

Simon Scarfe with pony and trap from the 1920s. (photo in Stowupland Archives)

photo of horse and trap

10th March 1961, Ellen Ruth Mary Scarfe of Meadowcroft, Stowupland dies. Among her bequeaths were:-

£100.00 to trustees of Stowupland Congregational Church,

£200.00 to John Fred Scarfe, her horseman,

£300.00, personal chattels and the house Meadowcroft to her companion Myrtle Beatrice Scarfe

£50.00 to trustees of Stowupland Village Hall

£50.00 each to Sidney Joseph Steadman and Peter Raymond List – if still in her employ

27th January 1989, Myrtle Beatrice Scarfe conveyed Aberfoyle to John William Scarfe and Joyce Louisa Scarfe (details from documents held in Stowupland’s Archives).