Print of Stowupland Church

The first stone of Stowupland church was laid on May 13th 1842.

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Hollingsworth’s book on the History of Stowmarket was published the year after the opening of his new church in Stowupland.

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Holy Trinity is ” A modern white brick church built in 1843.” The plain font came from Creeting All Saints & there is an example of Geo. IV Arms & crest cast in iron. The most interesting thing is the carved panels in the pulpit. Probably 17th century obviously of foreign origin, they represent early scenes in the life of our Lord, such as the circumcision and  presentation in the temple etc (p320: Suffolk Churches 3rd edition, 1954)

In the 1970’s funding was found for the church to have a new organ. The 60 year old pipe organ from Culford Church replaced a 22 year old electronic organ.

Church fetes took place in a variety of locations.

In the 1960’s they were held at Sheepcote Hall. As this was a bit of a trek for villagers living in Saxham Street a coach was laid on with a pick up point outside Gyfords.