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Leslie Brame

Latest Update 17

The above image shows Leslie Albert Brame, in the late 1930s. Brame is an often encountered surname in Stowupland's Archives, they appear to have had very diverse backgrounds.Perhaps surprisingly, being the son of a carpenter, Leslie was one of few of his generation from Stowupland to gain a Bachelor of Arts Degree as the country prepared itself for WW2. Leslie then did follow in his father's footsteps. His father Thomas…

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Interior of Holy Trinity Church by Brian Coaley

Latest Update 13

Following on from last months updating of our pages about the war memorials we have been endeavouring to upload images and documents from our archives relating to Stowupland's spaces for worship: Holy Trinity Church and the U.R.C Chapel. This has been time consuming, as even though the time period covered is less than 200 years, village life and church affairs were so entwined that there were many links that needed…

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Top half of the illuminated address awarded to John Petley.

Latest Update 10

As I write this we have had our August Archive evening. It was interesting to see what others have in their archives. There just was not enough time to to talk with everyone and study what they had brought. Some visitors from Stowmarket had material that is of interest to us in Stowupland, whilst local people shared photos of their relatives and the homes they once lived in.One visitor kindly…

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