Ponds, ditches and water

photo of water filled ditch

Stowupland is a suprisingly wet area of land, with many ditches and ponds. Although we have lost some ponds on the Green we have also gained many within the new housing estates. Over the years some ponds have become known by new names e.g. Dents Pond is more commonly knwon today as the Retreat pond.

A press report from October 1964 reported that a pond on the Green had been inadvertently filled in by a builder dumping spoil in it and despite protests by parish Councillors. The pond was essential as a sump for land drainage and was maintained by nearby parishioners. 

In the 1970’s one of the ponds on the Green was filled in. It was known as the Tin Pond because it had been fenced with corrugated tin to prevent children or animals from bathing in the water.

press headline

Some of our older properties such as Columbine Hall still retain their original moats. Others only retain a portion that suggests the house might have been protected by a fuller moat. Many smaller houses have nearby ponds from which it is thought clay was extracted as the building material.

Drinking Water

before the 20th century drinking water was not available at the turn of a tap.

In the 1890’s there was a severe water shortage

 From a 1927 advert for a house sale we know that Saxham Street people were fetching water from a communal pump that was situated on the corner of the Driftway.