Cottages between The Green and Chapel Lane (tm 407 and 408a)

At the time of the tithe apportionments the cottage standing on plot 407 was the size of what later became 2 cottages.

The propery nearest Main Road. In 1885 Abraham Diaper nicknamed (DONK) was living here , his wife Ann was the daughter of William and Daisy Blake. Other Blake daughters married into the Box, Skinner and Jackson families.

According to local knowledge at some time in the past the row of cottages changed hands for £50 over a deal struck in the Crown over a pint of beer.

In the 1920’s when Mrs Box was there the 3 cottages were mortgaged. After Mrs Box went to London, she let the house and shop to Mr & Mrs James Diaper (apparently not a relative of Abraham and for a time the shop was closed

A few years later G.Jackson bought them and gave the end and centre one to his mother and tMr & Mrs Samuel Skinner either became tenants or bought the one with the shop.

The shop  closed again  in 1945 but the Skinner’s remained living there. Mrs Skinner died in 1951 and Mr Skinner sold the property to Mr and Mrs Matthias.

It was later sold to Mr and Mrs Mann

The cottage furthest from Main Road  was occupied by Mr William Blake till 1931.

later Mr & Mrs Sheldrake moved in

1957/8 a Mr & Mrs Len & Jean Brothwell (by 1981 when they had moved to Trinity Walk)

1968 Arthur & Veronica Ashton lived there for a time and the property remianed vacent for a time

The middle cottage.

1911/12 mr &Mrs Charles Wilden and  their daughter – they later moved to a thatched cottage along Chapel Lane.

Mrs Cooper with her blind sister Emma Poole lived out there lives there  around 1927/8 .

Then Mrs Jackson moved in till her death in 1959.

Then Mrs Clara Clark’s (Alcot) son-in-law bought the property for her. She died in 1980.

In 1981 the 2 cottages were turned into one for an Aunt of Mrs Lake of Crown farmhouse, a Mrs Morgan.