Burch and/or Birch

Burch is a fairly common name in Stowupland, sometimes Burch is encountered as being spelt Birch.

Not all Burch’s are related and sometimes it is impossible to tell from the snippets of information in our archives which Burch is being written about, many christian names are repeated across the families.

Eventually, if a Burch family member is in our archive it will be added here..

photo of Jane Burch
Jane Burch

Jane Burch lived near the Crown and died there in 1916. She had been born in 1832 in Mendlesham. Jane had 9 children but never married. (Photo from her great, great granddaughter via Facebook 2020)

Robert Burch was born around 1796 in Stowupland. On March 29th 1829 Robert married Elizabeth Catchpole and the following year their only son Samuel was born. By the time of Samuel’s baptism in 1830 Robert was listed as a ‘Victualler at the Crown Public House’.

The 1841 census tells us that Robert aged 45 is head of the household but his father was also living at the Crown ( October 1847 Mr William Burch dies age 91).

The owner is John C. Cobbold.

The 1851 census tells us that Robert is still at the Crown, also there is his nephew Charles Barnard, age 23 who was a journeyman carpenter. In 1853 Robert and Elizabeth’s only son died at age 22.

Kelly’s 1869 Robert Burch at the Crown.

In 1870 Elizabeth died, 4 years later at age 75 Robert died, he was buried in Holy Trinity graveyard.

Robert’s nephew Charles Barnard succeeds him as landlord.

1891 Thomas Burch (age 33), a carpenter  marries Elisabeth Ling (age 32). Thomas is the son of Samuel Burch also a carpenter. Elisabeth is the daughter of John Ling, a miller.

1914 Thomas Burch is a carpenter at the Chemical manure works, he dies leaving his property to his only child Thomas Jack Burch. Thomas Jack’s mother dies on 5th february 1926. (This property maybe Fir Tree Cottage)

Thomas Jack Burch

(b. January 1st 1893)

1911 census T.J. Burch is working as an apprentice Fitter at the Electrical Engineering works in Stowmarket.

frank burch

Frank Burch – is associated with various locations in Stowupland. He lived with his brother-in-law Walter Cubitt at Mill Green Farm on Mill street, Croft Farm (1927) along the Main Road and Pasture Farm.

As well as his engineering skills ,he was also renown for his ability with nature, caring for orphan birds.

Frank Burch (1877 – 1965) was a phenomenal engineer, mechanical and chemical. He was acclaimed locally for his ability to build motorised vehicles from scratch, where necessary even designing the tools needed for construction.

He also was chief engineer at the Stowmarket Gun-Cotton works during WW1 helping to manufacture explosives that were used on the western Front to blow up Turkish railways. After the war he became involved in the aircraft industry.

He built the first motor-bike to be made in Suffolk when working for a firm in Beccles. He worked from a shed nr Elm Farm, and later from one on the corner of Saxham Street.

press cutting
1917 image of Burch's lathe
1917 description of Burch's lathe

(Thomas) Jack Burch.

according to Ena Carter was probably the son of Jack Burch of Milton Road, Stowmarket. He sold bycycles and set up the first petrol pumps in Stowupland by the side of ‘Conifers’ (461 tm), which was demolished in 1973.

Chas Burch

Kellys 1896: Chas Burch, iron & template worker, plumber & glazier, Thorney Green.

Charles Burch (cousin to Frank), lived on the Green (last house on the left up the Alley, possibly in 1974 known as Blencos), made the first bicycle in the parish

Frank Burch (c1900s) – his family lived at Laburnum Cottage.

This Frank was married to Moses Stimpson’s (1904 bailiff of Water Run Farm) daughter. Frank’s sister marries Walter Cubbitt and after the death of his wife Frank lived with them.

Moses had 2 brothers; Aaron and Samuel. Samuel had been a London PC for 40 years and he died at Pasture farm.

Charlie Burch (Kellys 1916)

Plumber and glazier


Charlie was Frank Burch’s Uncle, (who was married to the daughter of Moses).

Kellys 1916: Jn Burch a pork butcher on Thorney Green.