Shopping in Saxham Street

Gyford’s shop window, 1960s

The longest lasting shop in Saxham Street was Gyford’s but we know of several retailers who were in business for shorter periods.

Cyril Earnest Rogers (b13/7/1910) had a license as a tobaconnist.  His family home was Rainbow Cottage (either 27 or 29) Saxham Street.  According to the 1939 Register this was next door to an unused shop but Ena Carter’s noted that he did not sell from a shop as such and at his time Ena was living in stowupland.

In 1939 Cyril was a farm worker, his father William was a poultryman and his mother was an unpaid domestic worker.

Kellys 1896: Samuel Smith, shop keeper and Blacksmith on Saxham Street.


Joseph Shulver (his daughter Harriet married Denis Beecroft from  Saxham Street). Joseph is named as a shop keeper in 1869

Kellys 1891/2: Elijah Burrows, shop keeper Saxon .Street.


1885 (Whites): Elizabeth Moore, carpenter, shop keeper and flour dealer in Saxham Street.