Thorney Keys, Keebles or Kebles

From mid 19th century Thorney Keebles and Campsey were held by Charles Rayner Freeman Esq.

14th century Richard Clements

        no dates given but owned by Bishop of Norwich

16th century

1538 Tyrell family  (absorbed by Columbine Hall), associated with Cardons and Thorney Lizons/Liesnes

1543 Robert Downes owns -absorbed by Thorney Campsey

17th century

1606 Robert Broke owns, absorbed by Abbott’s hall

1619 Stephen Soames died, seised {sic} Clements

1624/7  Thos. Casey (?)

1688 Thomas Blackerby . Read more about the Blackerby, Tailer and Bayley links to Stowupland.

      and before 1703 Katherine Blackerby (niece of Bartholemew Gosnold)

18th century

1703 to 1715 Samuel Blackerby

1715 Issac Bayley I

1733 Isaac Bayley II

1733 to 1800 Isaac Bayley III

1800 TO 1820 John Bayley Tailer

19th century

1844 / 55 Charles Rayner Freeman Esq. See Stowupland Hall.

1864 William Freeman

1870 John Freeman

      Catherine Wood

1874 John Frederick Robinson of Hadleigh