Thorney Columbers

Columbine Hall is now a private residence set in its own gardens and  park land and still has part of its moat. Originally it was a much larger building, what exists now is probably no more than the gatehouse range. The great hall has gone.

For more about its history see the Halls own website

 Anciently held by Philip de Columbus (no Dates)

16th century owner Tyrell family (so also linked to Cotton, Gipping and Shelland).

 1559 owner John Gardiner d.1562 (so links to Winston)

1587 William Browne, brother of Earl of Monmouth

 Late 16th century owner  Robert Carey. On the death of his queen he rode hurriedly to Edinburgh to tell the King of Scotland that he had become King James 1 of England.

17th century

1611 Carey sold Columbyne Hall to Sir John Poley, a veteran of Elizabethan Spanish wars. John Poley of Badley (so links to Boxted, Somerton, Freston and Hartest)

1665 con of John Poley Esq

18th century

1711 the estate is sold to Jogn Crawley, a rich iron merchant. His daughter married the nd Earl of Ashburnham. Ambrose Crawley (d1754)

1844 to 1916 through marriage to Earl of Ashburnham (links to Combs) and let to tenants, notably Robert Boby.

20th century

in 1914 the farm and land was sold to the Potter family. In WW2 a school for training land army girls was set up, training around 40 girls.

In 1993 the Hall and 29 acres were sold to Hew and Leslie Stevenson