Upland Farm, Saxham Street (tm 250)

previously known as Wyatts farm

Upland Farm, as seen in 1966
photo of house
Rear View of Upland House in 1966

Uplands Farm or House should not be confused with The Uplands or Stowupland Hall.

1949- 1984 – Jewers

Hilda and Kathleen Jewer

In 1939 Daniel Jewer is named as a poultry and dairy worker

1870 to 1920 – Taylors

In 1926 William Earnest Taylor bought 5a 1r 0p  from Mr Francis Frost (heir to C.R.Frost) – copyhold of Thorney Hal


E.E. Taylor appt his brother W.E. Taylor as exor “as owner of Upland Hall {sic} to his sisters – S.T. Whiting, E.E.Tayler, B.M.A.Taylor and W.E.Taylor. Also associated with the farm were 2 1/2 acres in Saxham street formerly the tenement of John Cake. (ECA)

1901 census -Mary Taylor (81), Earnest Taylor (44), Harriet House (18) servant. (1904 exors for William Taylor, Upland Farm)

Whites 1891 and ’96 name William Taylor as farmer

1881 census – William Taylor (65) farmer of 240 acres, Mary Taylor (61), Luther (25), bertha (22) and William (21)

1855 rate book

 names Cooper Symonds and Matthew Symonds

1840s and 50s – Cooper

Eliz Cooper died 1854 aged 81. Ipswich Journal March 11 1854, “Elizabeth, relict of Thomas Cooper, Gent of Stowupland, aged81.”

1851 census- Eliz Cooper (77) with 130a, 5men and 3 boys.

16th July 1842, Ipswich Journal: married 4th inst. At Capel, Mr Z. Stedman steward to Mrs Cooper, Stowupland to Norah, eldest daughter of Mr I Taylor, Earl Stonham.

1840 Tithes

Mrs Eliz Cooper 133ac 3r 14p

owns Cottage & Garden (tm212), occ Wm. Cutting

    ”    garden (tm91),  occ George Fausdock

 ”     house & garden (tm 89a), occ Robert Meakins

1838, 12th May

Ipswich Journal “8th inst. after a long affliction, much respected and lamented age 68, Thomas Cooper, Gentof Stowupland. He was a good master, landlord and friend.”

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