Horse and Horseman
Rusty Wade

John Wade also known as John Wade. he was born around 1860 and died in the 1940’s. He worked as horseman at Gipping Farm and then at Stowupland Hall.

He was nicknamed Rusty because his habit of drinking tea brewed from the herb Horehound had died his mustache and beard a rusty colour.

According to a brief account by Ena Carter he could neither read nor write but was very wise at foretelling the weather, and had the gift of second sight. 

    On one occasion his brother had lost his watch and despite intensive searching had been unable to find it. ‘A day or two later John told his brother he had seen in a dream where the watch would be found. He told his brother to fetch a rake and walk down to the pond where the horses drank, and on the second drag with the rake the watch was found. it was assumed the watch had dropped from his brother’s pocket when he bent down to fill ab bucket.

   -Another dream was much sadder.During WW1 John had told his employer, Jack Carter, that he had seen in a dream  his nephew , Cyril being blown to pieces by a bomb. He had seen Cyril and 2 mates standing together when a shell burst between them. Subsequently John’s brother received a letter from the war office to say that Cyril was missing believed killed – the event happening on the day of John’s dream.(He is named on our was memorial.)


Len Wade and father George

See photos of Lenny and his father George working the land with horses and tractors.